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This game jam game represents the the fruits of the labors of five brothers over the course of a weekend together. Due to the Catholic feast of Divine Mercy and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the theme for the jam was Mercy. On Friday evening we discussed many game ideas and settled on a 2D platformer game with shooting mechanics, following a metroidvania style of gameplay.

You play as Sister Faustina a 20th century nun, showing Jesus' Divine Mercy by entering into the suffering of troubled souls and expelling the evil inside them. With each tormented person you help you get burdened by the effects of their sins and must give up one of your abilities in order to lift their own sins off of their shoulders.

We were able to make 5 levels, each one correlating with a person struggling with one of the 7 deadly sins. We had originally wanted to make 7 levels, but time only allowed for us to make 5. Feel free to take a stab at what sins you think we were unable to put into the game.


Move Left and Right (Arrow keys)
Jump (Space bar or Shift)
Double jump (Space bar or Shift while in the air)
Divine Ray attack (Left Ctrl)
Divine Ray Charge Attack (Hold left Ctrl, then release when charged)
Hover (Hold space bar or Shift while in air)
Starting level from the church (space bar or shift)

Things to know:
1. Since you lose an ability after beating each level, some levels cannot be beaten twice. If you enter a level and can not beat it or get frustrated and want to stop then you can always press the Windows key and close out of the game then restart it.
2. The game will not save your progress if you close the game.
3. We never made an ending credits for the game, after you beat all of the levels that is it....That is all we got!
4. Here is a list of the different abilities you will lose as you beat each level:
Double Jump
Full Sight
Divine Ray
Full HP
Divine Ray Charge Attack

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!

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